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Freak Brothers 1971.jpg
I The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Comic 1971 I225 viewsUSA Underground Comic by Gilbert Shelton. #1 February 1971 .
Fat Freddie Freekowtski - Phineas Phreak - Freewheelin' Franklin Freak .

Greasy Mad Stuff.jpg
BP finally got finger out,or put finger in? Lol!171 viewsMad #505-October 2010.
Superb cover by Mark Fredrickson.

Thanks to Tom Richmond for cover!.
H P By T R 2007.jpg
Harry Potter 2007 --->122 viewsBy Tom Richmond.
'How -Are-Ya-Five-O?' 1973.134 views- By Angelo Torres & Dick De Bartolo.
j morr.jpg
Alfred E drawn by Jim Morrison!!121 viewsJim Morrison of 'The Doors' drew characatures of Mad's Mascot: Alfred E Neuman in 1957-1958 at Alameda High School,California.
Jailbreak Rock 1958.jpg
'Jailbreak Rock' 1958115 viewsWill Elder & Harvey Kurtzman parody of Elvis movie.
James Bonds.jpg
nd-James Bond-James Bond-James Bond-Ja79 viewsJames Bonds 007 illustrated by Tom Richmond. 2013 .
kelly freas.gif
Alfred by Kelly Freas.121 views
Mad Mumbler LAYP94 viewsAt Mad HQ.
Mad #34 1957 Wally Wood.jpg
Frederick Werthless M.D. 1957 :148 views - Wally Wood .
Mad Magazine #34 - August 1957.
Mad #35 Oct 57.jpg
Norman Mingo splash cover: - 1957150 viewsMad #35 October 1957.
Mad #505.jpg
Oil Slick Cover <> by Mark Fredrickson.111 viewsMad #505 October 2010 - Thanks to Scott at The Mad Store.Com for this exclusive preview.

Superb cover of a deeply tragic news event.

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