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Elvis Presley 1968~1.gif
......there's you & there's you ? ?......100 viewsElvis Presley in 'Speedway' 1968 Hollywood Movie. Filmed in June,July,August 1967 .

-> The King would have been 80 this year (2015) had he not left the building back in 1977 ! . <-
Nov 04, 2015
Morgan 1966.gif
'Morgan-A Suitable Case For Treatment' 196695 viewsCinema-d presents this zany,wacky,way out sixties Swinging London movie.

Oct 30, 2015
CBS 1960.gif
<> CBS tv eye logo 1960 <>97 viewsUSA television CBS network ident ,logo, introducing tv station programmes.

<> <> <> <>
Oct 30, 2015
Brylcreem tv ad 1960.gif
// Brylcreem tv advert 1960 \\82 viewsUSA tv commercial using stop motion Claymation .Oct 30, 2015
Original Tom Richmond Art Featuring Weird Al103 viewsFive years before Al's guest-editor job for MAD, Tom Richmond did this pencil sketch to prepare for a mock MAD cover he painted as a private commission for Al's 50th birthday - he was kind enough to send it to Adam (Canucklehead) and now it's autographed by BOTH Al and Tom!Oct 23, 2015
Canucklehead Has A MAD Surprise For Weird Al!106 viewsAdam (Canucklehead) asks "Weird Al" Yankovic to sign an original piece of Tom Richmond art depicting Al and Alfred on a MAD cover - Al can't believe that Adam has it in his hot little hands!Oct 23, 2015
Mr. and Mrs. Canucklehead Meet Weird Al!104 viewsJoined by his lovely wife Cathy, Adam (Canucklehead) is proudly his MAD Weird Al cover shirt as he meets the great "Weird Al" Yankovic after his tour makes a stop in Nova Scotia! Oct 23, 2015
115 viewsOct 22, 2015
Clint Eastwood 1961.jpg
"....rollin' rollin' rollin' ......."105 views <- USA 1960's television favourites ->
RAWHIDE >>>> CBS tv network 1959 - 1966 . (Eric Fleming,Clint Eastwood).
THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER >>>> ABC tv network 1963 - 1966 .(William Windom,Inger Stevens).
Oct 19, 2015
Adam & Dick.jpg
Adam & Dick 2015127 viewsDick DeBartolo convinces our very own Canucklehead (Adam) that he can eavesdrop on the Whitehouse 15, 2015
Cathy & Adam.jpg
Cathy & Adam 2015 :124 viewsAt Mad H.Q. NYC .Oct 15, 2015
Mad UGOI~2.jpg
The Mad Tribal Gathering 2015 :112 viewsOur very own Canucklehead (Adam) in the middle (with Mad T-Shirt.)

UGOI Assembled at Mad H.Q. NYC 2015.
Oct 15, 2015
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