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Mad Mumblers 2016.jpg
Delegates gather at MAD MUMBLINGS AGM 2016 --->46 viewsV.I.P.s & Mumblers all attended this year's AGM at M.M.D.C. H.Q. 'Neuman Tower' NYC (opp.U.N. Bld).

The guest speaker was Donald Trump. Several troublemakers were ejected from the hall, this included most of the MM executive committee;in 'riotous assembly' mood after consuming too much 'mm secret recipe punch' .
Jan 31, 2016
Mad Magazine 2016.jpg
**= USA President & Vice President 2016 ? ? ?70 viewsMad Magazine # 537 . February 2016 .
Cover Art : Mark Fredrickson .

Jan 31, 2016
MAD #533 in Weird Al trading cards!49 viewsHere's the very last card in the Weird Al Yankovic trading card set that was given away as part of the VIP package for certain lucky ticket holders (like Adam Cooke/Canucklehead) on his 2015 Mandatory World Tour!Jan 25, 2016
Mad Magazine Christmas.jpg
Christmas Mad Newstand :69 views"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....with every Mad Christmas special I used to own ! ".Dec 08, 2015
King meets Santa.jpg
"ah get all shook up at Christmastime"79 views"Santa, jess bring me ah whopper-sized turkey & cranberry sauce sandwich with extra banana & peanut butter "......

~~~ merry Christmas Mumblers ~~~ Christmas Eve party 2015 - at M.M.H.Q. NYC (opp.U.N.bld) bring a celebrity , it's the 'Talk of the Town' (only the City doesn't mention it ) Alfred E look-alike competition starts at 10pm . Free Buffet with Drambuie laced marzipan exploding Alfred balloons .

Nov 27, 2015
festive hangover.jpg
" H A P P Y H A N G O V E R "69 viewsMerry Christmas Mumblers.......keep low.......; or the Police patrols will see your head above the steering wheel...LOL....

Nov 27, 2015
Mad 1988.jpg
I Mad Magazine # 276 I 1988 I76 viewsJanuary 1988 . Cover art by Richard Williams.

Snow Way ! ! ! .
Nov 27, 2015
<--Christmas Tree(at) --->82 views....."baby it's cold outside....." hoo-eee!.

Nov 27, 2015
Santa's surprise!.jpg
Santa's surprise ! ! !82 views"Ho,ho,ho....& a merry Christmas to you too! ".....Nov 27, 2015
'Pastafarian' wins fight to wear colander in driver's license photo...113 viewswoman-wins-fight-wear-colander-drivers-licenseNov 13, 2015
Mad Magazine Brazil.jpg
<-- Brazilian Mad Magazine -->95 viewsPor favor Mina beijos Mano Neuman ! .......puxa!......Nov 13, 2015
1966 retro collectables.jpg
l My Retro Original Collectables l 1 9 6 6 l121 views1966 - The year that England won the World Cup in football (soccer) . The Beatles toured the World . The USA developed the idea of 'Swinging London' as the place where a 'groovy scene' was taking place. I was only 2 years old but I was living in 'Swinging London' , Wah-hoo !. (& Alfred E Neuman had just recorded 'It's A Gas' ,mega-hit).
Nov 09, 2015
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