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Naked Zoo 2013.jpg
<< London Zoo Streakers 2013 >>132 viewsThursday 15th August 2013 - 300 nude protesters streaked through London Zoo today to protest at the plight of Sumatran Tigers of whom only 300 are left.

Aug 16, 2013
Look-In 1978.jpg
'Look-in' UK tv magazine 1978 -->96 viewsDated : Saturday 3rd June 1978 . Look-in was a kids & teenagers version of the 'TV Times' ITV programmes listing magazine.Retro nostalgia for all the mumblers who grew up in the 1970's. ITV shows 'Charlie's Angels' & 'The Benny Hill Show' featured on the cover.Aug 14, 2013
Mad Magazine 1978~0.jpg
I MAD Magazine #199 --- June 1978 I83 viewsCover art by Al Jaffee .

Aug 14, 2013
Mad Magazine 1978.jpg
<--- MAD Magazine #199 --- June 1978 --->81 viewspages 2 & 3 . Subscription ad by Jack Davis .Aug 14, 2013
BBC-1 1978.gif
I BBC - 1 Globe Ident 1974 - 1981 I146 viewsStill the mirror globe but with the word 'Colour' removed as most British viewers now had Colour tv's in the late 1970's.The last truly impressive BBC-1 ident.

Aug 14, 2013
X Cert 1976.jpg
*naughty* *naughty* *naughty*77 views....psst!......mumblers....if you want to see these naughty salacious 'X' rated on the NEXT photo --> in the gallery to find out where they are being shown.

(We would show them both at the Cinema-d Luxury Cinema at M.M.H.Q. but we've already been busted by the NYPD Vice Squad for late night showings of the 'X' Cert version of 'The Sound Of Music' ).
Aug 14, 2013
1976 London.jpg
<--- LONDON in 1976 --->84 viewsCorner of Regent Street & Piccadilly Circus. Aug 14, 2013
Pink Floyd 1968~0.jpg
I 'A Saucerful Of Secrets' - PINK FLOYD - 1968 I97 viewsBritish pop vinyl L.P. record front cover. Released on EMI Columbia in June 1968 .

Whilst maintaining it's huge catalogue of mundane MOR music EMI suddenly release this extraordinary foray into the psychedelic beyond with Doctor Strange batting against Universal forces of other dimensions.

There had been nothing like this before at EMI. The mono version has a different mix. Both mono & stereo original 1968 vinyl pressings on blue/black UK Columbia label are highly sort after & a mint copy nearly £100.
Aug 13, 2013
Pink Floyd 1968.jpg
I Back Cover to 'A Saucerful Of Secrets' vinyl L.P. 1968 I90 viewsPINK FLOYD pop group . The Mono version has a different mix.

Released on British EMI Columbia in June 1968 . It was something entirely unusual for EMI . Different from anything before.Pop art combined with progressive rock. The pop L.P. album was no longer a collection of 3 minute hits but a creation of itself.

Many imitators followed,but this was the 1st .
Aug 13, 2013
Susan Saint James 1968.jpg
<<< Susan Saint James 1 9 6 8 >>>75 viewsStill from the movie : 'Where Angels Go Trouble Follows' .

Aug 13, 2013
Donna Summer 1977.jpg
<<< Donna Summer 1 9 7 7 >>>81 viewsThe Queen Of The Disco Scene.

Aug 13, 2013
TV21 1965.jpg
<<< 'TV Century 21' Comic 1965 >>>91 viewsGerry Anderson's weekly British comic magazine. No.36 - September 1965 .Aug 11, 2013
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