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diary of a nudist 1961.jpg
Davee Decker & Norman Casserly - 1961.185 viewsDoris Wishman's 'Diary Of A Nudist' .
Mothers Of Invention 1967.gif
- Frank Zappa / Mothers Of Invention - 1967 -185 viewsSeen here obliterating their own pop albums........or is that the albums of 'The Alfred E Neuman Experience' ????.....

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ITAT 1967.gif
"Fasten seat belts!" ----> 1967 ---->183 viewsHa,ha.....Robert Wagner & Susan Saint James take-off in 'It Takes A Thief' Pilot ABC: Tuesday 9th January 1968.

W&G Stamps 2010.jpg
-> Wallace & Gromit Christmas Stamps 2010 : <-183 viewsBritish Royal Mail Stamps.
Al Feldstein 1977.jpg
Goodbye to Al Feldstein :182 viewsMad Magazine Editor,Artist,Writer.

24 - 10 -1925 - 29 - 4 - 2014 . Aged 88 .

Banana Splits 1968~0.gif
"Drooper, take out the trash" 1968 :182 views.......Alfred E Neuman has a similar problem when disposing with the trash.

The Banana Splits Adventure Hour .NBC Television. 1968 - 1970.

beach peach.jpg
Life's a beach?182 viewsSome lucky guys have got it!.,I!.
182 viewsMystery Solved: Google's Unexplained Phenomena Doodle
Makes you wish they would just say, "this is why we did it," doesn't it? People are still wondering why Google used a UFO-ish logo on their site on Saturday, Sept. 5th.

While the theory that the logo change had something to do with the first Exeter UFO festival sounded good to me, there's another theory making the rounds that might be more accurate.

On Friday, prior to the logo unveiling, Google tweeted:

1.12.12 15 1.18.5
-----> book version ---->181 viewsBy Harvey Kurtzman & Jack Davis.
Kenny Everett 1978.jpg
'The World's Worst Record Show' --> Kenny Everett --> 1978181 viewsCompilation of the 20 worst pop records of all time. Originally a DJ Kenny Everett radio contest on 'Capital Radio' ,London in 1978. I remember listening to it, voted by telephone,& rushed out to buy the L.P. Here it is on 'sick' coloured vinyl.

Featuring: Jess Conrad (has 3 entries !!!) Ferlin Husky, Jimmy Cross,Duncan Johnson,Adolph Babel,Mrs.Miller,The Legendary Stardust Cowboy,Zarah Leander,Steve Bent etc. etc. .......
Mad Board Game.jpg
Setting up--> The MAD Board Game!181 views
Sunswept 1961.gif
'Sunswept' British movie 1 9 6 1 --->181 viewsScreenplay by Anthony Craven. Directed by Michael Keatering. Did excellent business on Super 8mm Home Cine Reels during the 1960's & 1970's.Classic movie.

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