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Fun Run 2012.gif
<-- Mad Mumblings Fun Run 2012 -->164 views1st Prize --- A Dinner Date With Alfred at M.M.H.Q. Rooftop Restaurant NYC. Everyone came in last .

Stoned dog164 views
Pan's People 1976.jpg
<-- 'Pan's People' 1 9 7 6 -->164 viewsUK BBC-1 'Top Of The Pops' tv show dancers.
The Avengers 1967.jpg
>> The Avengers << >> 1967 >>164 viewsJohn Steed (Patrick Macnee) & Emma Peel (Diana Rigg). In 1966 - One of only a few British tv shows to go network prime-time in USA ,Fri 10pm on ABC tv . Seen also in Canada & Europe. In UK on Assoc Rediffusion, Fri 8pm.

(seen here in the Mumblebar MMHQ; you need that much Ice to quench the ardour of a glass of M M secret recipe Punch ).
Dave Berg.jpg
Dave Berg takes out the trash!!163 views Mad Artist:: 12- 6-1920 - 17-5-2002 .
Swingin' Time.gif
Mumblers have a swingin' time :163 viewsMad Mumblings Dot Com Annual Nude Fun-Day & Alfresco Picnic 2013 .
1968 vintage retro.jpg
-1968-1968-1968-1968-1968-1968-1968-162 viewsAll original British vintage retro artefacts from 1968 : inc. records,magazines,books,Beatles,Love Affair,Monkees,etc.
Those were the days ! ( on the far left Mary Hopkin - Apple label).
-----> book version ---->162 viewsBy Harvey Kurtzman & Jack Davis.
Pink Floyd 1967.gif
Pink Floyd on 'Top Of The Pops' 1967 :162 viewsUK BBC-1 Thursday 6th July 1967. Singing 'live' to 'See Emily Play' .

The BBC wiped nearly all 'Top Of The Pops' editions from the 1960's.Only a few full shows & a dozen or more performances exist in any archive.This performance was located a few years ago,the videotape is damaged but some of it is in good condition.

A CineMad Cychedelic Presentation !!!.
Sunswept 1961.gif
'Sunswept' British movie 1 9 6 1 --->162 viewsScreenplay by Anthony Craven. Directed by Michael Keatering. Did excellent business on Super 8mm Home Cine Reels during the 1960's & 1970's.Classic movie.

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Bob Clarke 2011.jpg
- Mad Artist Bob Clarke 2011 -161 viewsUGOI .
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