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EP JR 1957.jpg
Lou Costello - Elvis Presley - Jane Russell 1957305 viewsWhat a movie that would have been!!!...
bridge over troubled waters.jpg
Don Martin Department >>>272 viewsLol!.
Club Reps 2000.gif
UK ITV 'Club Reps' 2001-2004 :265 viewsEntertaining British TV Show following 'Club 18-30' Reps in Faliraki,Rhodes in summer 2000.

A wonderful adventurous late night tv series full of drama & soap opera goings on of club reps.

A CineMad 5 ***** !!
* * * * * * *
1959 mercury cc.jpg
Swimming Pool Accessory !! 1959263 viewsLady - puller!!.
Ch Angs 1978.jpg
Charlie's Angels 1978263 views
Alfred E Neuman Experience 1967.jpg
1st Pop Album by 'THE ALFRED E NEUMAN EXPERIENCE' 1967 :259 viewsThe legendary psychedelic mind-blowing (& other end blowing): 'LET ME TOUCH HIM' that went to no.1 on the Billboard L.P. chart.1967.

Out of this world guitar playing on 'It's A Gas' & 'Purple Burp' .They blew everyone's mind everywhere!.

Playing continuously on the neon lit 'Mad Mumblings Stars Jukebox' in the luxury lounge bar & lava love cave penthouse M.M.H.Q. NYC.
1957 bp.jpg
*NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS!!!*This means you! look away!256 viewsBettie Page in 1957.
Legs & Co_ 1981.jpg
Legs & Co. RAZZAMATAZZ >>>> 1981 <<<<256 viewsBBC-1 'Top Of The Pops' t.v. show: Thursday 2nd July 1981 .
Beatles Bahamas 1965.jpg
The Beatles in the Bahamas: February 1965.255 viewsFilming 'Another Girl' segment from movie 'Help!'.....happy times??....
1950s aerobics.jpg
- - 1950's Aerobics - -254 viewsDon't try this at home folks!!!...
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